Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

Once in a while a product comes along that is truly a breakthrough in technology and makes things easier for the end user. Well, the “Gold Rush Nugget Bucket” checked all the blocks for an easy to use and fun way to find gold for the entire family.I am very glad the I bought one and have had great success and enjoyment using it. Now, let me say right up front it does a lot cool things and makes collecting fine gold and nuggets very simple, BUT, in the end you still have to know how to pan. Practice makes perfect! You just can’t get around that process and maintain a budget.

I’ll discuss panning “concentrates” from your gold panning bucket in a bit. It is something you can do after a great day at the creek when you get back to camp or in your own backyard next to the grill.

Mark Peterson, Gold Prospector & Inventor

The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket was born in 2011 by an inventor and gold prospector, Mark Peterson, living in Eugene, Oregon. He was looking for an activity to get his two daughters out of the house and away from the dreaded screens of technology. His family had been watching the Gold Rush television show, and that is when he decided to take them gold panning.

He rigged up his own contraption with a couple of classifiers that fit atop of a 5-gallon bucket with a hole drilled in the bottom and off they went. His girls excitedly scooped in dirt and poured in water with the allure of finding gold, just like the TV show. Mark then realized this lightweight, self contained gold panning device had the makings of a commercially viable product. He was right on the money, gold I should say.

In the year-and-a-half that followed, the design was perfected and the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket became what is now a patented product approved by the Gold Prospectors Association of America. Mark’s hope is that the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket helps you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors in a new way with the water, the dirt and a great adventure.

Professionals use it, kids love it and schools and prospecting clubs have incorporated it into their outdoor educational programs. It’s a product that encourages everyone to get outside and participate in an activity that’s part of our country’s history. The allure of treasure hunting is in all of us!

How does this marvel work?

Not being an engineer myself I can only say that it works great. You put it together (takes 10 seconds) put in dirt that you got in the creek or on the banks and pour in water. Gravity does the rest. It is truly that easy.

The real key to this device is the water flow is just enough to deposit the gold in the bottom of the collection bowl and let all the lighter stuff flow back into the creek. One word, amazing!

For more details and some fantastic videos click on the link below. It will take you to the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket site.


What are concentrates? They are the heavier materials like gold and black sand that remain after proper panning of sand. rocks and gravel. The black sand is mostly iron and the other shiny stuff is the gold. Some old timers like myself want to pan while the sun shines so I collect the black sand and gold in a smaller bucket and get all the gold separated from the sand and fine gravel when I get home. I can work on that anytime in my garage or out on the patio so it is not wasting time at the creek.

I do the same thing with the contents of the bowl in the nugget bucket at the end of the day, I just dump it into the smaller water bucket and do the cleanup of the concentrates when I get home.

In Conclusion

The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is really a great tool for kids and adults alike. I use mine quite a bit and it is easy to master, very transportable and I leave it in my truck and go gold prospecting every chance I get, even if I don’t have a lot of time.

I really like to try new devices when they come on the market, or more likely when I can afford them or have time. Stay tuned and come back often. I’ll continue my search and review of other products.

Hope you enjoyed this and please feel free to leave me a comment.

I’ll see you at the creek!

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